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I'll get to cleaning out the cobwebs and old (inaccessible) email addresses soon, I hope. Remembering enough html to get this up is challenging. (Also... white text on black background? What was I thinking?)

12Jul04. This page recently moved from gearbox.mrks.org.
mrks.org was a good home and delightful company. I can give an across-the-board recommendation: all the writers at mrks.org produce excellent due South fanfic.
I did some slight re-arranging, separating the stories by fandom and alphabetizing.
Please let me know if you find broken links here.

Due South Fiction

Rated R, added 12Jun00
Ray lays in bed, thinking. Unbeta'ed

Slash. Rated PG? for a kiss. Added 2Jan02
Season 3/4 didn't use the supply closet nearly enough. Unbeta'ed.

The Chicago 1947 AU -- a WIP
Ray's a hardboiled PI. Fraser is... still Fraser. Scenes:

Chicago Pale
Rated G
The city is no place for a wolf. Or a Mountie. Unbeta'ed

Rated G.
One of the odder things I've written. This time Fraser isn't even trying to communicate. No beds. Based on Milford Haven by the Oysterband.

Rated R, maybe. Added 11Apr01
Close to kink. I have issues with this snippet, but it is as done as it's going to get. Unbeta'ed

Rated PG, maybe. Added 17May01.
This is the conversation that Ray promised Fraser in Fleshwound. Slashy but not kinky. Unbeta'ed

Levers and Pulleys
Rated PG.
My first story. No action, no dialog. Just Fraser, thinking.
Which I find amazingly sexy. Gen.

Life, Liberty, and. . .
Rated PG.
Gen. It involves an imaginary car chase. It may someday have a companion piece called The Pursuit of Happiness but don't go holding your breath.

Movie plot
Rated PG
In a perfect world, there would be a due South movie. This is the plot synopsis. Slash. Unbeta'ed

Movie Scene: On the Edge, Looking Over
Rated PG
Scene from the movie described in Movie plot with a bumming Ray, no Fraser, and a larcenous turtle. Unbeta'ed

The Night Series -a WIP

  • Midnight Hour. Rated NC-17. Fraser thinking again. And a brief phone call.
  • Small Hours. Rated R. When RayK and Fraser have a heart-to-heart, they both hear things that don't exactly please them.
  • Lunch Hour.Rated G. Still in beta, still not ready. Hot-and-sour soup is RayK's weapon of choice.

Perfect Drag
Gen. Rated G. Added 31May01
Written for a dS lyric wheel. I have an unreasonable dislike of manicurists, and it shows in this story. Unbeta'ed

Slash. Rated PG for language. Added 12Jul01
Would it really take pages and pages of provocation to get one of Our Boys to proposition the other? Or could it be simpler than that? Unbeta'ed

Ray Tracing
Rated G.
I seem to have this thing about beds. This time it's Ray, asleep in Fraser's bed, while Fraser fils and pere miscommunicate.

Lord of the Rings fanfic

Rated G. 8Jan02
Legolas meddles in Rivendell. Linbot made me a beautiful cover!

Harry Potter fanfic

First Impressions-- Harry Potter
Rated G. Added 2Jan02
"First years follow me!" Sirius Black and Remus Lupin arrive at Hogwarts.

Paper Sack -- Harry Potter
Rated G. Added 6Dec01
Even werewolves go through adolescent blues. Fourteen-year-old Remus Lupin throws a pity party.

...in a dangerous time A preslash Harry Potter series, still very rough.

  • Clean
    Rated PG.
    Remus introduces Sirius to some facts of life.
    No, not those facts of life. Sorry.
  • Batten
    Rated PG.
    The realities of war dawn on the Marauders.
  • Bludgeon
    Rated PG.
    Is there life after graduation? Is there hope before it?
  • Trust
    Some summer jobs are better than others. Remus reflects.
  • Sheriff and Thunder.
    Some summer jobs are a helluva lot more exciting than others. Sirius dodges.


Rated PG for language only. Added 17May01.
Because blogs frustrate me. It's a text file because darn it, I am not going to pretty it up. If it kills me. This is especially ironic now that I've given up fighting the blog/livejournal monster.

Ass backwards down a slippery slope
Rated PG (just for the title)
A cautionary tale -- I started with just an occasional, innocent X-files casefile, but pretty soon I was reading in a half dozen fandoms, and shirking work to support my fanfic habit.
This essay -- no kidding -- is referenced in a scholarly work. I guess that makes it my claim to fame.

Slashdom recapitulates gaydom
Rated G
Recent history lessons.

Why I read slash
Rated PG (pretty tame)
Posted amid Starsky&Hutch fans. Other people have written far more eloquent essays on the subject, but I remain proud of the line, "There's no missionary position for slash."

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